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Early years in Swedish Savings Bank

Published on July 5, 2023 by Anna Lundkvist

Translation from Swedish by Andreas Lindahl

Lately, TAM-Arkiv has devoted time to transcribing audio recordings. In this case, it is about interviews with four retired former savings bank directors in Skåne. The interviews are from the mid-1980s and are about how they started their professional career in banking in the 1930s. TAM-Arkiv is hoping to find a partner to publish professional memories based on this material in the future.

Skåne was probably Sweden’s most sparbank densely populated area during 1920-1950. In the university city of Lund, where one of the interviewed former bank directors worked, there were up to 15 savings banks. You could say that the savings banks in Skåne went from diversity and competition to consolidation and monopoly on several fronts. This happened in parallel with a shift of strength from the farmers, who were still on the board, to more entrepreneurs, academics and professional officials, local politicians and associations people.

Finansförbundet is a member of TAM-Arkiv and the union’s current members probably recognize themselves regarding developments in the banking world.

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