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About TAM-Archives

In the year 1984 a number of white-collar and professional workers’ national union federated into the Association of TAM-Arkiv. Membership is open to every organization of that kind, irrespective of diverging union policies.


In addition to our basic archival services (below) TAM-Archives also performs the following functions:

  • Collection and preservation of autobiographical narratives from our member unions’ professional fields.
  • Promoting of research and education on white-collar and professional workers’ historical issues.
  • Publication of books, reports and the magazine Nio-Fem.


Records from present-day white-collar and professional unions and their predecessors, dating from the end of the 19th century and onwards. In total 11000 linear meters of paper documents, photos, tape recordings and video films.

The holdings include:

  • Reports of governing and advisory boards’ proceedings.
  • Action programs and policy investigations.
  • Collective agreements and reports on bargaining activities.
  • Correspondence with government authorities, local union branches and individual members.
  • Magazines and pamphlets.


As a general rule, in order to gain access to the volumes you will need permission from the organisation which owns the archive in question. Reach out to us for information on whom to contact.


Reading room, reference library, scanning, photocopying.