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Greater Stockholm Genealogy Society visits TAM-Arkiv

Published on September 13, 2023 by Leif Jacobsson

Translation from Swedish by Andreas Lindahl

On September 12, 2023, Greater Stockholm Genealogy Society (Sw. Storstockholms Släktforskarförening) came on a study visit to TAM-Arkiv. The initiative had been taken by K G Sture Junér, who is vice chairman of the association. So, rightly, we at TAM did take this opportunity to inform about our great potential in terms of genealogy.

Many genealogists have visited TAM-Arkiv over the years. This is an example of how the public can benefit greatly from our archives. Genealogy is work that enthralls many and the interest in it is great right now. We informed about our activities and made specific searches into archives here at TAM-Arkiv, alongside a brief account of archives we possess and what they might mean to genealogists. We also informed about our interesting collections of photographs and films. TAM-Arkiv’s managing director Lars-Erik Hansen participated and the chief editor of the journal Nio-Fem handed out copies of our magazine to those showing a keen interest. Thank you for showing up, Greater Stockholm Genealogy Society! Hope we get to have more exchange of each other in the future! Here at TAM there is a plentitude of exciting personal archives, matricles, etc…

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